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This disclaimer and this privacy policy apply to the website, including the subdomains, and ("This Website"). Both the disclaimer and the privacy policy may be changed at any time. Contact me if you have any questions about them.


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Privacy policy

When you visit pages of This Website or when you follow links from This Website to other websites, some information about you is being stored, including, but not limited to, your IP-address, information about your web browser, the URL of the page you are requesting, the URL of the referring web page and the time of your request. This information is shared with third parties. In case of abuse, this information may be used against you. Statistics derived from this information may be revealed.

If you post a comment, your comment will probably be shown on This Website along with the name and website you entered. The information mentioned above will be linked to your comment, but except for the time of the submission this information will not be shown on This Website.

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Third parties can also use web beacons to gather information while advertisements are shown on This Website. A web beacon is an embedded, usually invisible object in a website used to transfer information.