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Snake 2 released

(Posted at 10 March 2007, 15:09 GMT)

Version 2.0 of Blijbol Snake has just been released! This version is much better than the previous Dutch game. For example, it includes a Maze Editor now!

The game can be found in the games section of the site. Enjoy it!

Edit: released version 2.0a because an outdated version of a file occurred in the previous zip-release for 98SE-XP, sometimes causing the game to crash after reaching a highscore. Error messages are now also enabled on Vista.

Edit 2: released version 2.0b. Turning the background music off and back on on Windows 98SE-XP gives no longer an error message. The game also doesn't crash anymore if the snake fills up the whole screen. The uninstaller now also deletes custom mazes.

Edit 3: released version 2.0c: the music now also goes on again after turning it off and back on. Let's hope this was the last bug. :P

Snake 2


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