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9 April 2016 Bike Stellenbosch
Also from SA (South Africa) happy with the calculation tools you made. Many thanks!

10 June 2013 Roland
great site, found some good info. Thank you

17 March 2012 Beben Koben
i have DL some game for you...ty ☺

30 November 2011 Finn
De klassiekers zijn volslagen awesome. Ik spelen zelden, maar als, dan is de hele avond af

26 June 2011 Justus Thacker
Viva la game maker!!!

15 April 2010 alex
thanks your gex/dll was just what i needed to compleate my chat ware!!!

20 March 2010 Levi224
Hey, i like the site, theme, guestbook, and quiz. Wish i had more time to check out the rest of the site.

18 March 2010 AmericanMech
You guys really saved me here!

your PPS saved my hours of programming!

10 October 2009 User
Hey - i love your web site - this is what the internet should be! the internet needs more of these good sites that are just meant to help rather thank sites that just give you viral codes...

28 June 2009 Randal
Merci infiniment pour ce service.

12 June 2009 LCG
I like the highscore thing.

28 May 2009 KS
Is there a way i can contact you?

26 April 2009
I like your GM work; "Flood" is my fave of your games. Thanks.

21 December 2008 LaLaLa
Hi I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on these GM extensions; they really help out.

9 July 2008 teajitjojate
The online highscore thing is awesome, thanks for making it, very useful!

28 February 2008 KUB@SZ
(I'm working for new version of website, SITE IN POLISH!)
I LOVE YOUR GAME MAKER TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GAMES TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I very like you, KUB@SZ
GMC name:kubaszewczyk11

21 February 2008 Jamie
Great! I like your site and your game maker software/files!

Best Wishes



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